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Doug & Nicki Silton
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6 Count Variations Volume 3
6 Count Variations Volume 3

Price: $40.00
Ten intermediate/Advanced 6-Count Patterns for your Lindy Hop or West Coast Swing, and all the techniques you need to make them work socially!

On this DVD:
  1. Barrel Roll Behind Back with Trickle
  2. Hand Toss with Hair Comb Variations
  3. Left to Left Bring In and Send Out
  4. Left to Left Inside Roll with Tricep Catch
  5. Angled Sugar-Push with Direction Change
  6. Cradle In to Duck Under
  7. Sugar-Push with Head Loop Variations
  8. Triple-Step Kick and Slide
  9. Inside Turn Combo
  10. Around the World Sendout with a Twist
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