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Brennar & Tori
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Building Off Your Basics
Building Off Your Basics

Price: $40.00
The "Building Off Your Basics" series offers a way to secure a strong foundation for your West Coast Swing while also adding to your repertoire and styling for your fundamentals in the dance.

Volume 1 introduces different variations of West Coast Swing fundamentals such as the Stater, Push Break/Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, Underarm Turn, and Whip and explains how to utilize the "basics" to take your swing to another level.

On this DVD:
1. Sailor Shuffle Starter
2. Turning Starter
3. Shoulder Catch Starter
4. Push Break Cross-Over
5. Turning Push Break
6. Walking Push Break
7. Left Side Hammerlock Stop
8. Left Side Camel Walk
9. Left Side Head Loop
10. Delayed Underarm Turn
11. Accelerated Underarm Turn
12. Rotating Underarm Turn
13. Whip with Male Turn Out
14. Unlocked Whip
15. Direction Change Whip
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