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Video of the Month Club International
Our Price: $340.00

In the Video of the Month Club, you can enjoy huge savings off of new and classic Silton DVDs! The yearly domestic rate for the Video of the Month Club is $240 - plus $100 for shipping (included in list price). No other discounts or coupons apply to this product.
Joel Plys The Big Apple
Our Price: $40.00

Joel Plys presents The Big Apple - called steps as well as the set version of The Big Apple. Solo jazz steps extraordinaire!
Joel Plys All 3 Shim Sham Routines
Our Price: $40.00

The Shim Sham is a classic line dance routine loved by Lindy Hoppers all over the world. It was created in 1927 by tap dancers Leonard Reed and Willy Bryan. This DVD also includes the Al and Leon version, as well as the Dean Collins Shim Sham.
Joel Plys The Madison
Our Price: $40.00

Joel Plys presents The Madison and The Couples Madison. This line dance, originating in the 1950's, will teach you jazz and solo movement dance.
Joel Plys Tranky Doo, Frankie's Version
Our Price: $40.00

The Tranky Doo is a routine that was performed by a chorus girl in the 1940s at Club De Lisa in Chicago. Dancers took this routine and added their own flair and other steps to create an amazing routine with many vernacular jazz steps.
Joel Plys Tranky Doo, Spirit Moves
Our Price: $40.00

Joel Plys presents the original line dance of the Tranky Doo, as seen in the vintage clips from The Spirit Moves.
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Our Price: $20.00

This Line Dance, "Big Black Cherry Tree," by Doug Silton is the first-ever kind of its line-dance. A 3-walls, 112 counts Int/Adv line-dance, it combines footwork and bodywork from Carolina Shag, Charleston, Country 2-Step, and Hip Hop.
The Funky Side Volume 1 with Doug and Pete
Our Price: $20.00

From Doug Silton and Pete Green comes the outrageously awesome guide to solo dancing: The Funky Side.
Nicki Jean's Essential moves of Line Dance
Our Price: $40.00

Howdy, cowgirls and cowboys! Whether you are learning your first line dance or are a veteran dancer, you'll enjoy these 11 awesomely vital moves that will make learning new line dances a breeze. In this DVD, Nicki Jean coaches you through each move and then spends time practicing with you.

1. Step Touch
2. Grapevine
3. Ball Change
4. Cha Cha Cha
5. Cross Turns
6. Coaster Step
7. Sailor Step
8. Pivot Turns
9. Apple Jacks
10. Vaudevilles
11. Running Man

Run time 52 minutes.
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