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Kyle and Sarah Beginning WCS
Our Price: $40.00

This DVD offers all the beginning patterns and footwork for the dancer just getting into West Coast Swing, including basic lead and follow techniques and basic rhythm structure.
Kyle and Sarah Cool Whips
Our Price: $45.00

To properly understand the dance, you must first understand the way a whip works. Kyle and Sarah first teach you their version of the whip and all its basic variations. From there it's all fun Intermediate to Advanced whip patterns that will expand your knowledge base.
Kyle and Sarah Creative Basics
Our Price: $45.00

Creative basics include "Filler Patterns" - the patterns that are in between the really big elaborate interpretive patterns. This is most of the dance. Learning to feel creative during these times in the dance is the sole purpose of this video.
Kyle and Sarah Duck Tape
Our Price: $45.00

Not for beginners! But for those of you ready for a challenge - here you go! Ducking has become a real norm amongst the professionals - why not you? Don't be afraid to take a chance on something a little over your head.
Kyle and Sarah Feetwork
Our Price: $45.00

Your feet are a huge part of what we think makes WCS what it is today. Making yourself look like you're gliding on ice is possible! All the tools you will need to train your feet are available to help you to achieve great feetwork.
Kyle and Sarah Passes and Tucks
Our Price: $45.00

When you are not twisting, turning or wrapping, you have to fill the time with something. The legendary Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake teach you the ever-evolving passes and tuck patterns that have become an integral part of this dance.
Kyle and Sarah Premium Blend
Our Price: $45.00

Just a boat load of patterns and styling. Ideal for partnerships getting ready for Strictly Swing competitions.
Kyle and Sarah Styling and Shaping
Our Price: $45.00

On this video, Kyle and Sarah teach the fundamentals of styling and shaping for West Coast Swing.
Kyle and Sarah West Coast Swing the Next Level
Our Price: $45.00

Kyle and Sarah's "next level" of West Coast Swing moves on from fundamentals to more complex patterns and techniques.
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