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Doug & Nicki Silton
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All About Swivels
All About Swivels

Price: $40.00
This video focuses on the Swivel as a root and as a styling in Lindy Hop. Doug and Sarah explore the basics of swivels, and then challenge you with various swivel variations and techniques.
On this video:
  1. Post & Toque
  2. Basic Swivel
  3. Advanced Basic Swivel
  4. Inverse Swivel
  5. Figure-4 Swivels
  6. Drifting & Swivels
  7. Swivels from Inside Turns
  8. Swivels from Outside Turns
  9. Swivels from the Sugar Push
  10. Swivels from the Swingout
  11. Various-Handed Swivels
  12. Leader's Swivels
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