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Doug & Nicki Silton
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Your West Coast Swing Basics Vol 1 + 2
Your West Coast Swing Basics Vol 1 + 2

Price: $40.00
Doug Silton and Malia San Nicolas give you:
Your West Coast Swing Basics

Including the Rythm of the Dance, and how to start the Dance
... and 6 and 8 count basics to get you dancing Contemporary West Coast Swing.

This ain't Ballroom people, it's STREET West Coast Swing.

Volume 1
Send Out
Sugar Push
Left Side Pass
Right Side Pass
Underarm Pass
Inside Roll
Tuck Turn
Double Outside Roll

Volume 2
Basic Whip
Reverse Whip
Same Side Whip (right)
Same Side Whip (left)
Whip with Inside Turn
Whip with Inside Free Turn
Whip with Outside Turn
Whip with Outside Free Turn
Inside Turn Whip
Whip to Closed
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