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Erik & Sylvia
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Erik Robison's Signature Moves Volume 1
Erik Robison's Signature Moves Volume 1

Price: $40.00
Erik Robison's Signature Moves for Lindy Hop, Volume 1
Level: Intermediate

Erik Robison is a famous dude. He began dancing in 1997, and along with his partner, Sylvia Skylar, was one of the creators of 'Hollywood Style Swing.' Erik is based in Los Angeles, CA and is internationally renowned as an instructor, judge, and choreographer. In this video, Erik’s assistant is the totally awesome Sarah Breck.

1. Cuddle Through The Hole
2. Dip Through
3. Texas Tommy w/Extra Turn (and more!)
4. Texas Tommy Stop
5. Barrel Turn V-Slide
6. Double Shoulder Grab
7. Single Double
8. Shoulder Pop (and Double Turn)
9. Kick Drop w/Flash Kicks
10. Savoy Kick Inside Turn
11. Lulls and Wipes
12. The Jack Carey Move
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Author: Adam S
Finally - new material from Erik - sweet!