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Erik & Sylvia
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Erik & Sylvia's Balboa 1 - Beginning
Erik & Sylvia's Balboa 1 - Beginning

Price: $40.00
The smoothest, coolest way to Swing Dance to lightning fast music - and without wearing yourself out. Taught by two of the masters.
You will fall in love with this dance... If you learn it you'll have to peel the women off of you.
Quite easy to pick up - yet so smooth it's almost impossible to look like a dork doing it.
The perfect dance for the beginner. As with the Hollywood Style of Lindy Hop that Erik and Sylvia are famous for, they fell in love with Balboa and made it a full time job to study and preserve each move they teach by not only studying film clips of the era, but by learning from the greats of the time who still live and dance in the LA area. In our humble opinion even the most advanced dancer can learn from any of their tapes (whether it be the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced version).
In this video they cover:
Balboa Basics Walks
Apache Hug Me
Snap Turn Push Breaks
Lolly's - Girl Turn Lolly's -
Guy Turn
Balboa Swing Out
Triple Inside Turn
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