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WCS Rueda

Erik & Sylvia's Balboa SET
Erik & Sylvia's Balboa SET
Price: $100.00
3 DVD collection of all Erik & Sylvia's Balboa videos!
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Pimp My West Coast Swing Series
Pimp My West Coast Swing Series
Price: $200.00
Pimp My West Coast Swing is a new series including moves and stylings for both leaders and followers. Dance with Doug & Nicki while you pimp out your dancing and learn to look groovy on the floor!
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Social Spins and Tricks 1-6
Social Spins and Tricks 1-6
Price: $240.00
This series covers a huge variety of different moves, the fundamentals behind them, and the techniques and tips to perfect them. The best thing is that all the material in this series is socially leadable and easy to follow.
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