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John & Jessica
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John & Jessica They Make it So Easy
John & Jessica They Make it So Easy

Price: $40.00
John Lindo and Jessica Cox...
They Make it So Easy, Vol. 1

Great for Novice/Beginner West Coast Swing dancers, John & Jessica take you through a journey of 12 patterns, connection and technique, and basic stylings.

Chapters on this DVD:
1. Starter Step #1
2. Starter Step #2
3. Starter Step #3
4. Left Side Pass Invitation
5. Underarm Turn Invitation
6. Left Side Pass Figure 8's
7. Stalker Whip
8. Inside Turn with Elbow Lock
9. Left Side Pass Hips Fast & slow
10. Slow Whip with Ladies' on 5
11. Underarm Turn with Knee Pops
12. Underarm Hip Lunge & Catch

Running time: 55 Minutes.
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