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Espie Hernandez SALSA 2.0


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Espie Hernandez teaches 14 invigorating Intermediate-Advanced Salsa combinations assisted by Rafael Ucros.

Instructor, choreographer, and performer of Social Latin Dance, Espie Hernandez (DVIDA Certified) dances with an incredible style, recognized for it's technique, musicality, speed and originality. As an active member of the social dance community, she is consistently creating and perfecting new trends that are now part of any dance floor.

Espie is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the best female dancers and instructors in California. She is the owner and director of Rumba Rica Dance Company and is sought after as an instructor and performer. She is recognized as a Champion-Level salsa competitor and performer, sharing the stage with many recognized artists such as the Buena Vista Social Club and Eddit Santiago.

Rafael Ucros is also an active member of the social dance community and has been dancing for over 10 years. His unique style and flavor is the epitome of salsa dancing.

Espie and Rafael are based out of Southern California where they both teach and social dance regularly. To this date, Espie continues to perform throughout the United States, teaching classes at international and national events.

Social Salsa 2.0 is the ultimate guide for all intermediate salsa dancers. You will learn how to take what you already know and spice it up, also learning a few new moves on the way. With just this DVD, you will learn 14 social partnering patterns that can be led on the dance floor.

So relax and get ready to add some spice to your dancing!

On this DVD:

1. CBL with Man's Waist Roll
2. CBL with Man's Shoulder Turn
3. Sweetheart with Man's Duck Under
4. Check Turns
5. Hammerlock Hand Toss & Duck Under
6. CBL Swivels
7. Basic Windmill
8. Double-Handed Windmill Combo
9. Walk Back Struts
10. Hammerlock Duck-Under
11. Double Open Break Man's Hammerlock
12. Open Break Outside Turn Variation
13. Double Titanic
14. CBL Whips

Run time 45 minutes.

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