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Nick and Sylvia Beginning Bal-Swing


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Bal-Swing is a dance from the 1930's, invented by the young dancers of Southern California. A combination of Balboa and an original dance called California Swing, Bal-Swing is one of the most fun and exciting dances in American history. Its intricate turns, fun partner moves and dynamic footwork create a great dance for all ages and music tempos. Taught by Nick Williams and Sylvia Sykes.

On this DVD:
  • Out and In
  • Out and In Rotating Left
  • Out and In Rotating Right
  • Crossovers (Out and In, Left and Right)
  • Out and In Side to Side
  • Come Around in Open Position to Closed Basic
  • Come Around to Lolly Kicks
  • Lolly Kicks in a Line with Inside and Outside Free Turns
  • Lolly Kicks to Free Turn Exit
  • Lolly Kicks to Underarm Turn Exit
Run time 41 minutes.

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