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  Extended Variations Volume 1

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This DVD teaches you 25 different ten to eighteen-count moves, the fundamentals behind them, and techniques and tips to perfect them. Most of the moves on this video are Intermediate variations for WCS and Lindy Hop.

On this video:
  1. Extended Sugarpush
  2. Extended Whip
  3. Three-Wall Whip
  4. Rhythm Circle
  5. Down Twist and Reverse
  6. Extended Whip with Free Spin Scoop
  7. Apache Whip Continuation
  8. Double Outside Turn with Titanic Reverse
  9. Two-handed Westie Pretzel with Duck Under
  10. One-Handed Westie Pretzel with Duck Under
  11. Crank Turn/Attitude Turns
  12. Underarm Pass Reverse Wrap Whip
  13. Walking Titanic
  14. Inside Turn with Whip with Dual Leg Lift
  15. Pick'N'Roll
  16. Pick'N'Roll Left to
  17. Left Pick'N'Roll Duck-Under
  18. Inside Out Basket Whip
  19. Rolling Shoulder Stop Whip
  20. Reverse Whip with Matching Inside Turns Inside
  21. Roll with Leader's Walk-Around
  22. Inside Roll with Follower's Swoop
  23. Inside Roll with Leader's Pivot
  24. Walk-In to Lunge and Whip
  25. Leader's Self-Wrap

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