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The Follower's Guide 3-Pack feat. Doug and Nicki


Our Price: $100.00


Followers, step up your game with this three-for-the-price-of-two special selection from one of our most popular series, the Follower's Guide to Playtime and Hijacks! This special includes Volumes 3-5, with Doug and Nicki Silton - the newest additions to this series, packed full of excellent Westie follower styling!

Volume 3:
  1. Sugar Push Cross Arm Reversal
  2. Xena Warrior Princess
  3. Underarm Turn Reverse
  4. Whip Slideout
  5. B to A Tuck Turn
  6. Corkscrew
  7. Sugar Push Compression
  8. Passing Tuck Turn
  9. Turning Away
  10. Underarm Turn Clampdown
Volume 4:
  1. Post to 2-Hand Stall and Drift
  2. 2-Hand Pre-Post Hijack
  3. The Body Explore
  4. Crawl Up The Arm
  5. Upper Wrap Reverse
  6. Underarm Turn Leader Hand Shine
  7. Forced Rhythm Circle
  8. Style Forced Circle Roll
  9. The Bob
  10. Tuck Becomes A Leader Axis Spin
Volume 5:
  1. Grapevine Free Spin from a Whip
  2. 3-Wall What?
  3. Basket Duck Hair Comb
  4. Casual Roll In To Out... But... Nope
  5. Roll In and Out To Stall... Whoa!
  6. FLC with a Touch Touch Turn
  7. FLC with Axis Reverse Spin
  8. Whip Leftie Force
  9. Whip Turn Him
  10. Slingshot with Flat Back Duck
Run time for all 3 DVDS is approx. 2 hours.

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