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Lindy Champion Series
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Social Moves for Lindy, Vol. 2
Social Moves for Lindy, Vol. 2

Price: $40.00
What do you get when you put 21 Champion Lindy Hop Instructors on the same DVD? A kick-ass instructional DVD! 26 of some of the greatest social moves for Lindy Hop and the techniques to make them work!

Featuring: Marcus Koch & Barbl Kaufer, Joel & Alison Plys, Minn Vo & Corina Acosta, Doug Silton, Dax Hock, Ben Morris, Shesha Marvin & Nikki Klaus, Jerry Jordan, Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau, Jim Cruzen & Margie Adams, Solomon Douglas & Noni Clarke, Daniel Newsome & Tiffiny Wine, and Andrew Sutton.

Scott and Laura
It to Tuck

Jim & Margie
Duck and Roll
Rhythm Pop

Solomon & Noni
Sideways SO

Dax Hock
Over Rotated SO
Hand to Hand Hemeola

Jerry Jordan
6 Count SO
3 Wall

Marcus & Barbl
Dbl Barrell
Drop & Spin SO
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