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Ben & Melissa
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West Coast Swing Basics
West Coast Swing Basics

Price: $40.00
Ben and Melissa teach you what you need to start dancing West Coast Swing. Learn the fundamental basic patterns, rhythms, and footwork, along with technique to make them feel better. You'll learn how to dance the basic 6 counts, 8 counts, and get to and from closed position. Have Fun!

On this DVD:

6 Count Basics
1. 6 Count Rhythm
2. Left Side Pass
3. Underarm Pass
4. Fake Whip
5. Sugar Push
6. Sugar Tuck Turn
7. Passing Tuck Turn
8. Passing Inside Turn

8 Count Basics
1. 8 Count Rhythm
2. Same Side Whip
3. Basic Whip
4. Whip with Underarm

Closed Position:
1. Starter Step
2. Send Out
3. Basic Whip
4. Whip with Underarm Turn

Connection 101
Hand Changes
Dance Demonstrations
Social Dance Track "Layin' Claim" with Danny Maika...Live!
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