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Doug & Nicki Silton
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Social Spins & Tricks Volume 1
Social Spins & Tricks Volume 1

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This video covers 25 different moves, the fundamentals behind them, and techniques and tips to perfect them. The best thing about all of the moves included on this video is they are all socially leadable and easy to follow. The categories of the moves include: Spins, Spin Reverses, Drops, Leg Spins, Outside Turns, Quickstops & Variations, Hockey Slides, Dips, Lunges, the "Midget", and the "Leg Lift."

On this DVD:
  1. Spin Warm-Ups
  2. Male Spin
  3. Male Spin w/Reverse
  4. Male Spin w/Reverse & Drop
  5. Male Spin w/Leg Spin
  6. Follower's Outside Turn
  7. Follower's Outside Turn w/Leg Spin
  8. Quickstop
  9. Quickstop w/Follower's Turn
  10. Quickstop w/Follower's Leg Spin
  11. Quickstop Footwork
  12. Quickstop w/Male Slide-by
  13. Follower's 3/4 Hockey Slide
  14. Run Run Slide
  15. Run Run Slide w/Push Out
  16. Basic Dip
  17. Dip Technique
  18. Leg Trip Dip
  19. Elbow Wrap Dip
  20. Sack-O-Potatoes Lunge
  21. Foot Hook Lunge
  22. Foot Hook Lunge w/Slide
  23. The Midget
  24. Circle Slide w/Extra Spin
  25. Leg Lift

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