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Doug & Nicki Silton
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8-Count Variations Volume 1
8-Count Variations Volume 1

Price: $40.00
This video covers 25 different 8-count moves, the fundamentals behind them, and techniques and tips to perfect them. Most of the moves on this video are intermediate - advanced level variations.

On this video:
  1. Duck-Under Whip
  2. Shotput Whip
  3. J-Lead Whip
  4. Cross-Hand J-Lead Whip
  5. Car Wash Whip
  6. Cross-Hand Car-Wash Whip
  7. Outside Turn Whip
  8. Outside Turn Neck Whip
  9. Behind the Back Whip
  10. Behind the Back Whip Variation
  11. Crossed Hands Twisted Whip
  12. Twisted Whip with Double Turn
  13. Leftie Whip
  14. Leftie Whip with Hair Comb
  15. Leftie Whip with Leader's Hair Comb
  16. Basket Whip
  17. One-Handed Basket Whip
  18. Reverse Basket Whip
  19. Reverse Whip
  20. Pedestal Reversal Whip
  21. Joint Manipulation
  22. Westie Whip to Closed
  23. Closed Whip
  24. Lindy Circle
  25. Leg Sweep Whip
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