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Doug & Nicki Silton
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Repetitions Volume 2
Repetitions Volume 2

Price: $25.00
This DVD first moves you through series' of exercises of various 8-count variations. With practice sessions for both Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing with instruction and then 3 speed levels with music, Doug walks you through all of your basic 8-count Swingout/Whip basics in a variety of orders, helping the more novice dancer through the repetitions needed in practice to become an accomplished dancer.

The second section of this DVD incorporates both 6 and 8 count moves in a variety of combinations.

On this DVD:
  1. Whip - Closed Whip
  2. Whip - Whip - Whip w/Inside - Whip to Closed
  3. Whip - Whip - Whip w/Outside Turn Whip to Closed
  4. Whip - Whip - Whip w/Apache - Whip to Closed
  5. Whip from Closed - Whip - Whip w/Freespin - Whip to Closed
  6. Phrase Building
  7. 4 Sugar Pushes to Whip
  8. 2 Sugar Pushes to 2 Left Side Passes to Whip
  9. Sugar Push to Left Side Pass to Sugar Push to Whip Variation
  10. Sugar Push to Under Arm Turn to Sugar Push to Whip Variation
  11. Practice Practice Practice!

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