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Nick & Sylvia Variating Your Variations
Nick & Sylvia Variating Your Variations

Price: $40.00
Balboa variations with with Nick Williams and Sylvia Sykes.
This video explores several popular and classic variations to make your Balboa really shine!

Promenade Variations
  • Floaty Out & In (to follower closed & to leader closed)
  • Swivels
  • Leader Close Come Around
  • Continuous Back & Thru
  • Follower Close to Out & Ins

Arm Slide Variations

  • Roll Across
  • Roll In, Roll Out
  • Roll In, Roll Out with Slides

Maxie Stop Step Variations

  • Walk Thru
  • Reach & Drag
  • Slide Together
  • Add Swivels

When you buy more than one of Nick & Sylvia's DVDs, each DVD after the first will cost $35 instead of $40.

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