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Ben & Melissa
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Patterns and Play
Patterns and Play

Price: $40.00
Ben and Melissa take your dancing to the next level with these nine patterns. Challenging and fun for both leaders and followers, these patterns are useful for the social dance floor or to work on with a partner. Melissa and Ben add styling variations to their wealth of its not just about the moves. It's about Patterns...and Play.

On this DVD:
1. Closed Hip Roll Around
2. Fold In, Pop Out
3. Over rotating Underarm with Styling
4. Underarm with Passe Slide
5. Rotated Sugar Push with Tandem Turn
6. Reverse Whip to Groovy Hip Catch
7. Over rotated Double Turn with Styling
8. Slow Turn to Accelerated Anchor
9. Passing Tuck to Window of Play
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