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Doug & Nicki Silton
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Social Spins & Tricks Volume 3
Social Spins & Tricks Volume 3

Social Spins & Tricks, Volume 3... because why stop at 2 when when you can be even more awesome with more Spins and Tricks? This video has the techniques and patterns with instruction for both Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing.

On this DVD:
  1. Half Moon to Slow Tuck
  2. Half Moon and Barrel Toll
  3. Preps and Right/Left Double
  4. Double into Hammerlock
  5. A-Frame, Knee Bend, Cast Out
  6. Hip Prep to Face Down
  7. Country Dip with Options
  8. Neck Dip with Swoop Option
  9. A-A with Dislocation
  10. Ass-Kick Chasse
  11. Ladies' Whip Play with Cast
  12. Ladies' Whip Play with Eggroll

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