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The Follower's Guide to Playtime & Hijacks, Volume 3
The Follower's Guide to Playtime & Hijacks, Volume 3

Price: $40.00
Get fancy with Doug & Nicki in the third volume of the ultimate follower's guide! They're bringing you even more "plays" and "hijacks" and latest tricks and moves for followers to really pump up your West Coast Swing and make you look badass on the dance floor.
Doug breaks down and explain each play and hijack so you can dance it by the time you're done watching. Watch all the moves in one session, or choose a la carte from the menu.

  1. Sugar Push Cross Arm Reversal
  2. Xena Warrior Princess
  3. Underarm Turn Reverse
  4. Whip Slideout
  5. B to A Tuck Turn
  6. Corkscrew
  7. Sugar Push Compression
  8. Passing Tuck Turn
  9. Turning Away
  10. Underarm Turn Clampdown
Available for download on Dance Just Like Me for iOS for $14.99.
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